Balayage vs. Foil highlights



Although Balayage has been around for decades, it has become widely popular during the past 5 years. Many stylists have reverted to the French word which means to sweep or paint. The technique provides softer less noticeable regrowth lines. The final result will be soft and natural. Similar to what we have as children. A sun kissed highlight.



After this technique was spotted on beauties like Rihanna. Everyone was in search for it. Balayage is a little bit more expensive than the average foil highlight since it takes much more creativity from the stylist. The great news is that since the hair color is painted on so meticulously, when the new growth grows in, it will not be that noticeable.




Pravana is the color that I absolutely swear by. Throughout my 22 year career, I have used color from Framesi, Igora and even Paul Mitchell. Pravana just gets you there at the most natural pace possible. Along with Pravana, I use Olaplex. Olaplex was created to repair hair that has been chemically, thermally and mechanically damaged. Olaplex repairs the hair by restructuring the hair internally by linking broken disulfide bonds. Although perms and relaxers are no longer that prevalent in salons they are still very important in this industry. Prior to Olaplex, coloring hair the same day as another chemical process was against all Cosmetology rules.

I like to look at Olaplex as an insurance policy for me as a colorist. You can’t go wrong. Make sure when you are searching for a colorist that they use Olaplex!